Free Custom «Poems: Response» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Poems: Response» Essay Paper

The poems “Loving in the War Years” by Morraga, “Never Marry a Mexican”, “Notes from a Chicana Coed” by Bernice Zamora, “Women are not Roses” by Castillo, “La Malinche” by Tafolla, “La Madre de Aztlan” by Mary Lou Esponisa, and “To Live in the Borderlands Means You” by Anzaldua highlight the issue of equality between men and women. This problem is crucial today as many people face it. This paper discusses the mentioned works of art trying to answer the question what it means to be a feminist and whether feminism implies just equal rights between men and woman or goes beyond that.

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The problem of feminism is popular today. In this context, the authors managed to discuss something that can never lose its actuality. To be a feminist means to be equal with others. Women may not like when they are said that they are forbidden to do something. It has become a major cause that has inspired women to fight for their rights. In the story “Never marry a Mexican” by Cisneros, the main hero says that she will never marry someone. She was disappointed by the deeds of men, and she is eager to be independent. Women were treated and paid not like the rest just because of being women. I can be clearly seen in the “Notes from a Chicana Coed” by Bernice Zamora. In this work of art, one can see a woman as someone who is hardworking but disregarded by the rest. It is said, “I worked as a waitress eight hours at night to get through high school…” Women were considered to be able to do only the chores. In the “Loving in the War Years”, it is said, ”The men watched the women with the grace of girls who could barely see over the top of the stove.”

One has to notice that feminism is not only equal rights of people. This idea is suggested by Castillo in his poem “Women are not Roses” where it is said, “Women are not rivers, women are not roses, women are not stars…”. The author wants to tell one that women are capable of doing more than is expected from them. They are beyond the understanded. The poems “La Malinche” by Tafolla and “To Live in the Borderlands Means You” by Anzaldua draw the picture of a strong woman. It is the woman that can come through everything to achieve her goal. A person without a dream is nobody; he does not see the sense of living and does not expect the next day so as to try to make the world better. When one takes away the dream of a woman, he/she willl never see her as she was before. Women are rather strong in order to reach their goals.

As far as I am concerned, I think that women are worth being treated equally. However, there are professions where women are equally successful with men. One has to understand the nature of both women and men trying to see the issue more clearly. Men have special abilities working as chefs in big companies, and no one can argue about it. Of course, there are some examples when women are as good as men in certain field of work, but it seldom happens. I suppose that every woman should be taken into consideration separately. In the poem “La Madre de Aztlan” by Mary Lou Esponisa, it is said, “Man cannot change his attitude until the woman perceives her deep psychological self as independent and asserted from man”. By saying that, the author wants to tell that every woman should decide by herself whether she is really eager to do the work equally with her partner or not.

In conclusion, it is obvious to say that equal rights are the chance for a woman to be really a woman. Nevertheless, women should avoid some spheres because of the natural abilities. It is a chance to realize oneself, find a favorite work, and live a life without being depressed.


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