Free Custom «Engineering and Analytical Approaches to Hazard Avoidance» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Engineering and Analytical Approaches to Hazard Avoidance» Essay Paper

In the modern day would, it is a dream of many teenagers to pursue engineering course when they join colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning. There are different types of engineering courses and students should be helped to make the right choice of course to pursue and this depends on the student’s ability and passion. According to Weber, the most common engineering course are biomedical, agricultural, architectural, computer, civil, ceramic, environmental and electrical engineering (Weber, 2010). Each of these engineering fields has different strengths and weakness as well as hazards that may be fatal to the engineer. To counter these hazards, there are several analytical approaches that can be applied by the engineer to ensure that they are not negatively affected.

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The first approach that an engineer can apply in hazard avoidance is the enforcement approach (Asfahl and Rieske, 2009). Under this approach, engineers should be given a set of rules and regulations to follow to ensure that the working environment is safe and secure, they should however be notified that breaking any of the set rules might lead to them facing some form of punishment. The second hazard avoidance approach is the psychological approach. There are few aspects that chief engineers take into consideration when implementing this approach in organization and they are, science versus religion, age of the worker and the support given by the top management (Asfahl and Rieske, 2009). In addition to that, Asfahl & Rieske (2009) have stated that the third analytical approach is the engineering approach which includes three lines of defense and they are the engineering controls, the administrative controls and finally the personal protection control. It is however important to note that engineering is a wide field and the approach that is applied in civil engineering field might completely different from that applied in the agricultural engineering sector.


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