Free Custom «Contemporary Sports Spectacle» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Contemporary Sports Spectacle» Essay Paper

Sport Spectacles in the Modern world

Global sports spectacle has experienced political exploitation cultural ramifications and economic interferences in a way that has intensified its globalization and development. The media has in the midst, gained from this as a medium of propagation of sports to places. This has been so since the ancient civilizations of Rome and Greece and still very strong in the modern civilization in Europe and other western societies. Commercialization of sports has been inevitable regarding the popularity it has among the world population though it has never been identified as belonging t the cultural entity, often being considered not in the same group as music, fashion and other entertainment activities. The truth is sports provide entertainment more than we can understand in the modern society.

The modern sport culture often brings to the fore focus on profiting and controlled procedures that are derived from other established cultures. If the love of sport in the world is anything to go by, then it represents a very viable financial accumulation site through the making and developing the popular pleasures for the masses. Though critics would shut this down, it is even considered, and perhaps rightly as better than Hollywood, representing the movie industry that has enjoyed worldwide success over many decades. This is in regard to the influence sports have on people culturally, economically and even socially. It is commonly forgotten that sports is even older than the film industry thus rightfully among the major players in the industry of culture.

The effects of sports in transforming the society are undisputable especially when the economic aspect is put in play. There is a lot of cash in the modern sports that have not only advanced the world economy but local economies of individual especially the individuals who are now empowered to take on the now diverse sports in the world. It is rewarding no doubt. ‘Sportainment’ was born when the people concern realized its potential, and packaged, marketed and merchandized as entertainment. This is based on the observation of the money the sport industry has the ability to generate, the TV ratings sporting activities had. It has all become about money more than it is sports.

Comparing professional wrestling with NFL and NBA was unheard of, this was because wrestling was staged, rivalries created then perpetrated. It is because it was just entertainment as opposed to true sports that were more serious and unpredictable. It is therefore right to point out that sports in America have been money-interfered with thus putting the economic gain before the sport itself. It is more of what who is going to gain. This is contrary to what real sport was back in the days when all that mattered was the game itself. This way American culture is infiltrated by the financial aspect of the sports. It becomes more apparent that all the organizers of sports in America are interested in is money while the entertainment-hungry audience; amusement.


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