Free Custom «Company Analysis» Essay Paper

Free Custom «Company Analysis» Essay Paper

I was not aware of the Performance Rights Act until I read about it. I became interested in the fact how it worked when radio station played performers’ songs on the radio. Now, after reading these articles I have satisfied my interest. I consider that radio stations should not pay record labels for the songs they play. In fact, radio stations do not make as much money as record labels, which attract lots of money. So, there is no need to give them for the music playing. Radio stations should be paid when they play performer’s music. Finally, music promotion helps the performers get more cash.

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Many performers gain popularity with the help of radio. Their fame is constantly growing. Hence, the radio plays the most famous songs and makes people become fans of the artist. When people are fans of the artist, they buy his/her stuff and bring benefits to him/her. Artists earn money giving concerts, selling CD’s, virtual sons and it brings them a lot of money. The performers work hard, but there are many background people working for them, who help these performers to get their purpose and to be where they want to be and these people work harder to keep them there. These people may work equally as hard o even harder than the performers, who basically have everything set up for them once they land a contract with a label.

People at the radio stations are not getting as much money as performers. Radio stations should not lose money only because they are playing someone’s music. Thus, it is unfair for this act to go into effect. If the Performance Rights Act goes into effect, it will lead to the closure of many radio stations across the country because of high costs needed to pay performers to play their music. In the modern world of music, there are thousands of performers and much more songs provided by them. It is evident that radio stations would be unable to afford it. Even if the radio stations pay the performers, at the end of the day they would not get much money and it would cause them shut down due to inability to stay in business. It is more profitable for radio stations to cut down the number of songs played every hour and add commercials instead. In addition, more talks would be encouraged in the radio due to inability to play songs. 

When I work out, I tend to listen to Pandora. Today, while going to the gym, I was listening to Pop and Hip-hop Power workout. The artists that were playing oon this station included Rihanna, Usher, Pit-Bull, Ke$ha, and Justin Timberlake. Despite the fact that I usually do not listen to Ke$ha and Pit-Bull, I did listen their music as it was very up-beat. Pandora radio station is really convenient during workouts and it is actually designed for working out. Pandora is extremely useful as it does not make me think about anything else. However, as any other Internet radio station, Pandora does not enable listeners to choose songs they want to listen to. In addition, the listeners are not able to replay a song again. I find that Pandora is extremely convenient only when it comes to working out and I would not use it in other situations.

Thus, I am convinced that we should start paying for music and stop downloading all of our songs and albums for free. However, I do not believe that radio stations should pay for the music. In addition, I find that people should pay for the music they choose to download and listen to. Instead of the Performance Rights Act, I believe that something must be done to stop illegal downloading for good, and that as listeners we need to start paying the artists, record labels, producers, and songwriters, who work so hard to make the music we love to listen to.


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