What Makes Students Use Social Media?

Without a doubt, we are the first generation that grew up surrounded by such a variety of technological devices. In addition, with the advent of the Internet, all people went online. As a result, we cannot stop ourselves from using social media websites that have also become an integral part of the modern lifestyle. Considering all the above, we are seeking to find out what makes young people, especially students, use social media on a regular basis. The article is based on the survey which involved 900 students and deep analysis of their answers.

Why are we fond of social networking?

The survey showed that most young people use social media regularly because:

  • Social media keeps students up-to-date. Nowadays, you will rarely see a person who is not registered on any social networking service. So, students just have to conform.
  • Students keep in touch with the help of social networking websites. They can communicate with their relatives, family, and classmates. Social networking services also help to build relationships among students since they allow them to communicate often.
  • Social media is interesting. There are students who like to check news feed often because there is a lot of useful and interesting information published there.
  • Social media helps to express oneself. If you have a strong opinion about something, you may freely use social media to state your convictions in public. In turn, you are free to comment other people`s posts that you agree or disagree with.
  • Social media is useful for professional development. Actually, it helps students when they start their careers. They can improve the skills necessary for a job, start searching for employers using social networking platforms, or build other useful connections.

According to the survey, younger users prefer entertainment-based social networks, while older users prioritize networks that contribute to professional growth.

#1 YouTube. It is widely known as a social platform where users can share entertaining videos and have their own video blogs. This is the favorite website of many young students.

#2 Facebook. Is there anyone who does not spend every free minute checking the news on Facebook? If you say yes, I do not believe you.

#3 LinkedIn. It is the most popular website used for making professional connections. Many young students start their career search using this social platform.

What about you? Have you thought of the real reasons that drive you to use social media so often? Look through the list of the most popular students` reasons and check if they are true for you. However, you should remember that online life cannot substitute the joys of your student life. So, live it to the fullest!

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