Top 5 Time Management Tips

Top 5 Time Management Tips

Do you think that people who manage to do everything on time have more minutes in an hour? Do they have more hours in a day? Nope. They have the same amount as we do: 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day. The only thing that differs them is their ability to manage time. It`s a major skill, that can transform one`s life significantly. Imagine that within one day you can be twice as effective as you are now. You just become potent to do more with the same amount of time and as you master this skill, you `create` more and more time. To help you get started, here are the top 5 skills that you need to develop.

Eliminate the Unnecessary

This is a must. If you`re always involved in the activities that make little or no sense `“ you`re just wasting your time. A great step to eliminating the unnecessary is mastering the ability to say `no`. Sometimes, we trap ourselves into saying `yes` to so many things that we would rather refuse. If you don`t understand what actually `unnecessary` is, I`ll give you an easy explanation `“ it`s everything that prevents you from reaching your goals. For instance, if you have a deadline for a task, you shouldn`t spend 30 minutes surfing Facebook. Just draw a very clear line between the necessary and the unnecessary and avoid everything that`s unnecessary. Be very honest about your definitions. Don`t let your mind fool you by putting the unnecessary stuff in the necessary category.

Plan Your Work

If you don`t know what you want to accomplish today, you will probably accomplish nothing. Plan ahead what you want to achieve today. These 10 minutes of planning have much more effect then hours of aimless work.


This is a skill that few people can master. You have to do some introspection and test yourself to see if you can multitask. If you can `“ it`s awesome, if not `“ just don`t bother trying. You will only waste your precious time.

Know when to Multitask

This is a piece of advice for those who can multitask. First of all, multitasking doesn`t mean that you have to mix-up everything all day long. You`ll become highly inefficient if you do this. Multitasking works best with mundane things, which aren`t difficult. However, if you have a major goal that has to be achieved with the best result, give all your attention to reaching that goal.

Reduce Interruptions

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, e-mails, a distracting person at your door, you know it all and you know the perils of it. If you are focused on completing a difficult task, avoid any interruptions. Turn off the Internet, switch the phone into the flight mode, and close the door. Just be sure to open if your boss knocks.

Being a focused, organized, and disciplined person will give you a lot of `extra` time to achieve all your goals. It requires some training, but it`s absolutely worth it.

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