The World`s Most Attractive Libraries

The World`s Most Attractive Libraries

For genuine bookworms, a library is something divine, something beautiful and undoubtedly magnetic. Since childhood, I had a very moving attitude towards books as a never-ending source of wisdom.

What another place could be more inviting for such a person than a cozy shade of library`s tranquility? Thanks to the fact that the humankind has never spared funds on the development of those sage repositories, we can now enjoy the beauty of numerous libraries around the world.

Trinity College Library, Ireland

It is one the most gorgeous and oldest book repositories in the world. Surely, never judge a book by its cover, but this library is an exception. In addition to its impressive interior, it also stores the most valuable pieces of writings from whole Ireland, including the famous Book of Kells, the greatest Irish cultural treasure.

Clementinum, Prague

An amazing historical building built in Baroque style with fresco paintings and few globes is there not only to delight the eye of visitors but also to provide a real bookworm with a sufficient amount of reading. Clementium Library is the home to over 20, 000 volumes collected with the help of the Jesuits.

The Library of El Escorial, Spain

This Spanish library is the real state of the art, beautiful both inside and outside. Being favored by the Spanish Royals, the library was always filled with the best versions of books. It also attracted attention with its dazzling beauty.

Richard J. Riordan Central Library; Los Angeles, California

Among all the attractions of Los Angeles, the Central Library is a must-see place. This building carefully designed in Art Deco style is even more breathtaking on the inside, with bronze chandeliers and an impressive staircase, which create an elegant image.

Vennesla Library and Culture House; Vennesla, Norway

Vennesla Library comprises a huge number of invaluable pieces of reading. It is a cultural place and a popular meeting point for many Norwegians. Along with this modern architecture, this library suggests a modern approach to devouring knowledge, offering classrooms for tutoring, a coffee shop, and even a cinema.

State Library of South Australia; Adelaide, Australia

A spectacular architectural design and a rich atmosphere for obtaining knowledge `“ this is how the State Library in Adelaide attracts readers. Due to its ultramodern glass shape, the library makes an impression of an up-to-date place with lots of useful things to offer to any youngster.

The Royal Library, Copenhagen, Denmark

Known as the Black Diamond, the Royal Library in Copenhagen is the real place of contrast. The new complex, built as an addition to the main library, is a mixture of glass, steel, and black granite which together with spectacular views of the harbor can impress each person every time he/she pays a visit to this magnificent place.

For sure, there are much more fabulous libraries in the world. If you are eager to discover more, do not hesitate and look for the information on the most stunning libraries the humankind created!

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