How to Get a Degree and Stay Mentally Healthy

Mental Health

College websites and brochures usually portray happy students beaming with joy, who have seemingly forgotten about the hectic pace and simply enjoy the best years of their lives. Well, in fact, what you see in pictures is partially true `’ student life is all about books, working in labs, taking notes, playing Frisbee, and having fun with friends.

What you won`t see on brochures, however, is that for some students, college life is totally different. While the majority of young people hang out in clubs, some of them struggle with anxiety and depression caused by incredible stress.

Most common health challenges college students face:

  • Anxiety - it is also the most common mental disorder in the USA with 40 million adults affected.
  • Depression - in 2013, more than 36% of student admitted that they were suffering from depression.
  • Eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating disorder) mostly affect young people aged 12-25. Obviously, college students constitute the majority of people suffering from these problems.
  • Addiction - it`s no surprise that college parties have a dark side. Almost 50% of students who often drink become addicted. There is another alarming statistics, which says that over the recent years, the use of drug-stimulating intellectual performance has become more common.

So what can you do to secure yourself and your friends from mental disorders? We`ve prepared some useful tips for you. Read them carefully.

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1.Physical Activity

You can virtually walk away from depression. Physical activity stimulates thinking, improves your memory and concentration, and helps you remove stress. Take a walk, go to the gym or start doing yoga. Apart from helping you stayy healthy, physical activity will keep you fit.

2.Develop Good Eating Habits

In college, you always have your hands full, so you do not have time to eat properly. As a result, in a couple months you won`t fit into your jeans. However, healthy food is not that difficult to find. Just eat more eggs, fruit, and vegetables. And don`t forget to limit the consumption of pizza (at least late at night).

3.Be selective

You may feel like participating in ALL the activities the campus offers. Nevertheless, choose only those you TRULY like and want to dedicate your free time to. Don`t spread yourself too thin, because you will increase stress level. That`s not what you need if you want to stay mentally healthy.

And the last thing. Getting a degree is not the end of the world. There`s no sound reason why you should sacrifice your health to get an A for the exam! Know when to stop, take care of yourself, and just enjoy your college life.

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