How to Create a Process Essay

How to Create a Process Essay

Writing is a process that involves creating different types of papers. It is easy to write a process essay when you have a good example. Moreover, we can help you with a custom essay on any subject online.

Having a sample is a good way to prepare yourself for writing. We provide an example that has a clear structure and will help you understand the main parts of the paper and what elements they need to include.


Describe in detail how to make something. Focus on the aspects listed below:

  • Introduce a Created Object
  • What Is the Origin of the Thing?
  • Was It Something You Needed, Assigned to Do, or Something You Wanted?
  • Where Did You Get the Idea to Create This?
  • How Did You Make Decisions and Get Materials for the Work?
  • Describe How You Built or Assembled Your Creation.

Sample: Making a Pot

Process of Making a Pot

A pot is a container that can be used for various purposes and may be found in different forms, shapes, and materials. Pots are almost universal objects that are used in many parts of the world including, for instance, Africa and Asia. It can serve as an object for holding substances and for aesthetic pleasure. I am fascinated with pots because they also represent culture and have a long history.

A few steps are needed to make a pot. In the beginning, it is important to choose materials that can be used to create this object. As such, clay is the basic element that, in addition to watercolors, can help to make a thing of beauty. I also had a painting brush and a needle to facilitate the process of decorating a pot. The next step is to prepare water and mix it with clay. This combination gives dough that is used for a pot. I worked with dough to make a big, round-shaped pot with a small hole at the top. In the end, I developed a pot that may be used for cooking.

Later, I decorated my creation by adding colors with the brush and making patterns with a needle. This work was done while the colors were still wet. During the final stage, I let a pot dry under the sun for three days. A great achievement is a part of my kitchen. It helps me appreciate the beauty of colors and inspires to learn more about objects used in my culture.

As you can see, a process essay may be an interesting writing experience. Please note that it gives readers an opportunity to understand the object, its cultural value, spheres of application, and methods of making it. Keep in mind that such essays vary depending on the chosen subject and should be adjusted accordingly.

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