How Not to Make Your Dorm Life a Nightmare

How Not to Make Your Dorm Life a Nightmare

You are no longer a small child living in your childhood bedroom. Some things are already in the past, while others are completely new. Dorm life is an entirely new experience for you as you learn how to be responsible and deal with some routine stuff on your own. But how not to turn your dorm life into a nightmare? The following must-know statements will hopefully help you deal with it!

Learn the Wash Cycle

If you`ve never used the washing machine (because your mom was in charge), it is high time to start thinking of the best way to launder your clothes. Do not wait for the moment when your basket is about to blow up. Another important thing is to take into consideration the cleaning instructions of every piece of clothing. Some of them need special care and should be hand-laundered. Also, do not forget about colors and material if you don`t want to wear things that look dirty or faded.

Keep Your Stuff Organized

Especially clothes. First of all, disordered stuff eats up a lot of free space. Secondly, if you keep your things in a neat way, you will not get lost in a dump of clothes when you hurry up. There must be a place for everything. Think of storage solutions. Extra hanging shelves or a standing bookcase will never be redundant.

Hygiene Is above All

Don`t want to catch warts and other nasties? A communal bathroom in the dormitory is the first place you can get them. You have to get used to showering with footwear on. Keep clean all your toiletries. Furthermore, supply your own toilet paper. And it`s not a joke! To avoid misunderstandings, split cleaning responsibilities with your roommate. The sooner you do it, the better your relationships are. You can even design a schedule and hang it on the wall.

Think of Your Nourishment

Cafeterias are not the only place to have some food. Be sure you have snacks when you get hungry. You can also provide yourself with a microwave or, at least, ask your friends whether you can use theirs. If you are fed up with canned soups and junk food, it`s also never too late to learn to cook. The cookbooks are waiting for you!

Consider Getting a Plant

It is forbidden to have pets in the dorm. The best alternative is to buy a plant. Not only can you decorate your room in such a way, but also improve your mood and productivity level. Moreover, it will be a new living organism you can look after.

Dorm life is much more independent than living with parents. Still, you have to think about such things you have never pondered over. It`s time to grow up. Follow these tips in order not to spend better days of your life in a nightmare.

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