Freelance Jobs: How to Start Writing Online

Freelance Jobs: How to Start Writing Online

The job of freelance copywriter is one of the most required on the nowadays job market. The companies are looking for smart authors to write for them on both full and part time basis. It can be quite beneficial to begin working from home, doing what you really like. Content manager are becoming more and more demanded nowadays, so if writing is your cup of tea, you do not need to look for anything else. There is always something to write about, so there is plenty of work if you have decided to become a copywriter.

Start Freelance Writing Career

Social Media Content Editor

If you have working experience in the sphere of social media and enjoy writing about public and for public, this may be right for you. Many companies tend to hire part time freelancers for their needs. Moreover, you can be asked to publish your pieces of writings on the social media, like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Content Curator

If you prefer editing to writing, this position will fit you ideally. Checking various websites, blogs articles will be your main objective. Changing headlines, making synopses and improving the writing will be required as well.

Blog Posting

Describe your everyday life and earn money, what can be more pleasant? A lot of companies hire part-time writers for blog writing for quite a reasonable price. However, there are really greedy companies, which pay less than 5 cents per word. You should know your price, so do not accept the offers below the average pricing.

Editorial Assistant

If you are done with reading helpful writing tips, perhaps it is time to advance in your writing career. Here, you will get acquainted with the administrative side of publishing. Surely, here you will deal with more difficult tasks like calendar management, proofreading, page layout and so on.

Places for Working

The two most popular money making services for a writer are Freelance Writing and Blogging Pro. The number of freelance jobs here is unbelievably great, so that everyone can find the position according to the needs. The range of positions is also rather wide, including copywriters, editors, SEO content managers and other interesting jobs. The payment is usually steady and reasonable, so there are no problems with this. The topics are different as well, so you do not need to worry if you prefer a certain theme for writing, since here you can find everything up to your desires.

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