Free Tools to Collaborate Easily

Free Tools to Collaborate Easily

With the development of technologies, there has been a great change in approaches to the studying process. It is no longer a so-called `teacher-textbook-student` relationship, but rather an advanced method of teaching and learning. To catch up with the era of advanced technologies, teachers turn for help to various interactive tools aiming to facilitate the studying process and arouse the students` interest to collaborate.

We decided to gather the most popular and efficient free classroom teaching/learning tools in one place!


It is an education network used by teachers, students, and even parents all over the world. It is an easy way to connect with other people, to exchange homework, quizzes, to create groups, to collaborate, and more. Stay educated with free multi-platform Edmodo.

Google Hangouts

This is a free Google`s platform, which allows you to keep in touch with your team or class via instant messaging, voice, and video calls in groups of up to 10 persons. However, to use Google Hangouts platform you need to be logged into your Google account. This will provide you with a chance to be easy to reach in need of urgent collaboration.

Google Drive

It is a perfect ground for both group sharing and group editing. It is highly recommended to use while working on classrooms projects and activities.


This is a simple, accessible online collaboration tool with the help of which you can share, discuss, make, and edit notes on the whiteboard. Invite your friends, colleagues, or students and work with fun.


Thi splatform makes it really easy to work in small businesses, academic, social, sports teams, scouting, and other groups. The free collaborative platform allows you to manage events, to create to-do lists, to chat, upload necessary files, and simply organize your workspace with pleasure.

Digital Learning Platform Haiku Learning

It is a free interactive tool, which helps teachers to create and organize classroom pages, manage assignments, provide students with feedback and assess. Spend time on teaching rather than managing the studying process with Haiku Learning.

Twitter, Facebook and Skype

These are the networking platforms, which officially may be called the veterans of collaborative tools. While Skype is a rescue tool that helps to be present in classrooms or meetings remotely, Facebook is widely used for creation a specific group page, where students can share information and Twitter serves as a tool dedicated to search, collect, and share data with each other.

Collaborate easily with free interactive tools!

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