Entertaining the Idea That Anyone Can Travel

Entertaining the Idea That Anyone Can Travel

If you happen to enjoy living in a travel-loving community, then you might be excited how curious and interesting people can be. Travellers are always willing and ready to accept something new: new experience, new trips, new emotions or new lifestyles. Many of my friends are avid travelers and the only thing that makes me wonder is that they seem to care little about the feelings, emotions, and situations that other people find themselves in. Actually, from my perspective, such an approach is completely opposite to my standpoint regarding the essence of travelling. One phrase that has stuck in my mind is that, `Anyone can travel, why not?`

What do you think about such an opinion? How far do you agree? Can you personally travel whenever you want? How often have you heard this phrase in your own life? Probably, a friend of yours has made such a comment after any decisive or life-altering trip to any sacred place? As for me, this statement is prevalent merely in the community of keen travellers, who have no boundaries and stop when it comes to going somewhere. In my world, it`s not that easy and I really don`t agree that anyone can travel. Still, I have prepared two main facts why travelling may not be as easy as it seems.

  • It`s hard to make travelling part and parcel of your life when you haven`t been used to it since childhood

When I was a small kid, my family and I used to set off on some domestic trips. However, I do not remember a time when we intentionally travelled somewhere together just for the sake of it. I do not put blame on my parents for this because actually, I enjoyed being a kid and getting ample attention from them. Now, having heard the phrase, `Anyone can travel,` I imagine as I tell it to them some 10 years ago. Frankly speaking, I cannot even imagine what their reaction would have been: laugh or shout at you because it`s hard to imagine that parents could travel while raising three children?

  • The greatest thing about travelling is that it will teach you how to empathize

When you travel, you frequently end up in the situations where you come across people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, races, and upbringings, which means that they have a strikingly different worldview from yours. Thus, you will learn that many of people are so much deprived of the possibilities and opportunities that are ordinary to us: they may have less than a dollar-income per day, and so, they might be really restricted to travel `whenever they want.` In such cases when people are either too poor or unable to move freely due to some disabilities, travel is definitely not the top priority.

Do not think that I am such a negative person that sees no ways out how one can travel. I am open to new experiences and I am always willing to try some new places to go to. What I do not agree with is the phrase that, `Anyone can travel` because it`s far from being true. It seems that people who say this phrase are actually not aware of people with different needs who live side-by-side with us on our planet.

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