Does Social Media Take Over Your University Life?

Does Social Media Take Over Your University Life?

Nowadays, social media intrudes into almost all spheres of life and student life is not an exception. When you are a student, it is hard to limit your access to social media considering the fact that all university life is concentrated there, including photos of campus parties and posts about coursework. However, if you sometimes feel that there is too much social media in your university life, this article will help you to identify and solve the problem.

Obvious Advantages of Social Media

Even if you feel that social media controls your student life, you should admit that your presence in social networks has undeniable advantages:

  • Keeping in touch. With the help of social media, you can stay connected with your classmates, relatives and friends.
  • Fighting loneliness. Once you feel homesick or miss your friends, you can always contact them.
  • Staying updated. If you are online, you know about all the news in your university, changes in the lives of your friends, etc.

Keep Your Ears Open!

On the other hand, continuous presence in social networks harms a person. Be alert if you have the symptoms of any of the feelings described below:

  • Envy. Interesting posts, pictures of parties, clothes, etc. that are posted by your friends create a feeling that they have more bright life experiences than you do.
  • Low self-esteem. You are not happy with your style, haircut, figure and face because it does not meet the standards of beauty that are vilely popularized in social media.
  • Mousy. Your online presence takes a lot of time, so you cannot manifest yourself in the other more important spheres, such as work, studying, and socializing in real life. As a result, you fell that you are unnoticed, while others seem more successful than you.
  • Fear of judgment. You cannot post a photo on social networks because your make-up is not perfect or you look fatter than your friend? You are afraid to tell about some experiences because they are considered unpopular? If yes, you should admit that you do this because you are afraid that others will bombard you with negative comments, and you will lose your authority among social network users.

Have an honest dialogue with yourself and identify the problem. If you feel that social media impacts your university life in a bad way, so that you started to miss classes and get worse grades, it is high time to make a change. Although social media is an integral part of students` ordinary life, you should find a way to balance it with the other spheres of your life. Remember that it is always better to turn your devices off and enjoy real life experiences!

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