The World’s Most Attractive Libraries

The World’s Most Attractive Libraries

For genuine bookworms, a library is something divine, something beautiful and undoubtedly magnetic. Since childhood, I had a very moving attitude towards books as a never-ending source of wisdom. What another place could be more inviting for such a person than a cozy shade of library’s tranquility? Thanks to the fact that the humankind has never spared funds on the development of those sage repositories, we can now enjoy the beauty of numerous libraries around the world.

Trinity College Library, Ireland

It is one the most gorgeous and oldest book repositories in the world. Surely, never judge a book by its cover, but this library is an exception. In addition to its impressive interior, it also stores the most valuable pieces of writings from whole Ireland, including the famous Book of Kells, the greatest Irish cultural treasure.

Clementinum, Prague

An amazing historical building built in Baroque style with fresco paintings and few globes is there not only to delight the eye of visitors but also to provide a real bookworm with a sufficient amount of reading. Clementium Library is the home to over 20, 000 volumes collected with the help of the Jesuits.

The Library of El Escorial, Spain

This Spanish library is the real state of the art, beautiful both inside and outside. Being favored by the Spanish Royals, the library was always filled with the best versions of books. It also attracted attention with its dazzling beauty.
Richard J. Riordan Central Library; Los Angeles, California
Among all the attractions of Los Angeles, the Central Library is a must-see place. This building carefully designed in Art Deco style is even more breathtaking on the inside, with bronze chandeliers and an impressive staircase, which create an elegant image. Continue reading

Euthanasia Thesis

Euthanasia Thesis

Do you have to complete a thesis on euthanasia? Definitely, you don’t want your thesis committee to perform euthanasia on your paper, do you? Therefore, you need to find the way to save your thesis and let it live!

To do this, you need to know what euthanasia is and how you should talk about it in your thesis. And we are at your disposal to assist you with that!!!

What is Euthanasia?

Euthanasia, also called physician-assisted suicide, means ending a patient’s life painlessly with an aim to relieve his/her suffering and pain from an incurable disease. It has a legal status in such countries as Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Thailand, as well as Oregon and Washington states in the USA.

Writing a Euthanasia Thesis

When writing a thesis on euthanasia, first of all, you have to choose a topic. Think of the themes that interest you the most. There are multiple topics you can choose from, including:
• Facts about Euthanasia
• Pros and Cons of Euthanasia
• Euthanasia Ethics
• Euthanasia Statistics
• Euthanasia Reasons
• Active and Passive Euthanasia
• Legal Status of Euthanasia
• Religion about Euthanasia
• Medical Viewpoint on Euthanasia
• Euthanasia – a Mercy Killing? Continue reading

Essay Paper on the Trail of Tears

Essay Paper on the Trail of Tears

The beginning of the extermination of the Cherokee tribe, called the Trail of Tears, is one of the most tragic periods in the American history. This Indian tribe had lived on their territory for hundreds of years before European settlers came to the continent and the long story of their expulsions began. At first, they had to migrate from the Great Lakes region to the southern Appalachians. After the American Revolution, this tribe was considered a separate nation living within the country and the natives faced even more difficulties. Continue reading

Things Not to Do If You Want to Succeed


I do realize that ambitions alone cannot lead to success and that you should act if you want to succeed. However, there are things, which may stand on your way to success. You need to get rid of some habits, which will constantly hold you back. Here are these things.

Saying “I Cannot”

Of course, most of us use this phrase very often. However, when we say “I cannot,” it often means “I will not.” Also, it can mean that you do not want to do what you are asked to. But in your mind, the words “I cannot” create a possibility of failure. You may not even realize it, but this creates negative self-talk. When you are repeating it again and again, you slowly start to discourage yourself. This way, you may feel less confident. However, by taking these words out of the vocabulary, you can see how your confidence will increase and how your ability to succeed will grow.


Your actions determine the difference between the person you are and the person you want to be. It may seem to be quite simple, but for many people, it is not. Actually, it does not matter what field you are willing to succeed in, there is always something on your way to success. And it is up to you to take responsibility for everything you do. You should not procrastinate and say something like “I will do it tomorrow.” Sure, it is easier to say than to fulfill, but just do not think of it – do it.

Fear of Failure

It is very important to stop being afraid of failure if you want to become a successful person. You have to be truly confident that you will achieve all of your goals. All of us who have ever accomplished anything, failed at some point. But it is one of the ways how we learn to become better. But you should not be afraid. When you fail, just get up and take a lesson from that failure, and then try again. As long as you keep making every effort to succeed, you will never fail. Continue reading

How Not to Make Your Dorm Life a Nightmare

Dorm Life

You are no longer a small child living in your childhood bedroom. Some things are already in the past, while others are completely new. Dorm life is an entirely new experience for you as you learn how to be responsible and deal with some routine stuff on your own. But how not to turn your dorm life into a nightmare? The following must-know statements will hopefully help you deal with it!

1.Learn the wash cycle

If you’ve never used the washing machine (because your mom was in charge), it is high time to start thinking of the best way to launder your clothes. Do not wait for the moment when your basket is about to blow up. Another important thing is to take into consideration the cleaning instructions of every piece of clothing. Some of them need special care and should be hand-laundered. Also, do not forget about colors and material if you don’t want to wear things that look dirty or faded.

2.Keep your stuff organized…

…especially clothes. First of all, disordered stuff eats up a lot of free space. Secondly, if you keep your things in a neat way, you will not get lost in a dump of clothes when you hurry up. There must be a place for everything. Think of storage solutions. Extra hanging shelves or a standing bookcase will never be redundant. Continue reading

4 Tips to Feel Great This Summer

Summer Challenges

The summer with its sultry weather has come. Everyone attempts to find effective ways of coping with the tremendous heat. Here are four tips that will be perfect if you want to feel comfortable during this hot season and ensure good mood as well.

Proper hydration

Staying hydrated is the number one priority if the weather is hot. Water allows every cell and organ in your body to perform their functions correctly. It contributes to maintaining normal body temperature and removing weight. Lack of water disrupts proper work of your body and entails unpleasant feelings. To avoid such issues, you should drink two liters of water on a daily basis. It allows your body to function properly and also ensures normal hydration for your skin. You can use an app if you usually forget about regular water consumption. It serves as a reminder of how much water you have to drink.

The whole body detoxification

Complete detox does not require stopping consuming your favorite food. However, you should consume less food that increases your body temperature, such as spicy food, meat, caffeine, and millets. Besides, drinking and smoking also contribute to increasing body temperature. You will improve your health and mood if you give up such activities at least in summer. A total detox will certainly make you feel great and energetic. Moreover, you will get rid of harmful toxins, which is an effective way to increase longevity and slow down aging. Try to implement a detox program, and you surely notice positive changes in your body. Continue reading

Why College Relationships do not Last Long

College Relationships

When you are in college, you finally live the way you want and do exactly what you want. In particular, you have more personal freedom concerning love issues. If you have a date, you see him/her whenever you want and often think that it will last long. I do not want to discourage you, but relationships in college often ended with breaking up. If you have a date now, I wish you all the best. I just want to share my experience and comfort those who had the same situations.

Doing What YOU Want

When we enter college, we all have some goals, the most important of which is to acquire skills for future occupation. Everything that happens around and everyone you communicate with influence your attitude to this goal, and thus you might be prone to change it. It’s normal. However, if a person has too much influence on you, that may be a problem. My college girlfriend supported me, but when I choose profession, she asked whether my occupation will be paid enough to support her if we create a family. I understood that and changed my life goal, but I did not want it.
After we broke up, I realized that she had so much influence on me that I redirected my life. I made my own decisions, but they were not always right as they were largely fostered by my ex-date. Here I am telling you: do what you want to live your life. Continue reading