Best Ways To Improve Your Memory

Best Ways To Improve Your Memory

Have you recently experienced issues with your memory, like inability to recall someone’s name or having multiple “tip of the tongue” moments? It is a natural thing to experience the decline of the speed of thought with age. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s inevitable. There are things you can do daily to keep your memory sharp.

Tips for Memory Improvement

Stop Multitasking

Frequently, our memory fails in cases when we haven’t paid enough attention while getting the information. That is why you sometimes can’t remember whether you have locked the door. Your mind was full of other thoughts while you were doing that. For this reason, multitasking is not so good. For better productivity and sharper memory, concentrate on a single thing at a time. Continue reading

8 Places to Find a Freelance Job for Novices

8 Places to Find a Freelance Job for Novices

If you are new to freelance business, it is always hard to find a reliable job that brings a profit. Although there are many alluring offers on the freelance market, not many jobs are suitable for newbies who usually lack experience and skills.

Freelance Writing Sites

Popular freelance writing platforms, such as Odesk, Freelancer and iWriter, should be the first place to refer to if you are looking for a job. Join the online community of freelancers who earn money using writing skills and it will be easy to find your first job.


You have probably heard about the rising popularity of Fiverr among freelance writers. The marketplace has numerous offers for freelancers. Although some of them are cheap, you will be able to earn a good salary if you take orders regularly. Continue reading

On-Campus Employment

On-Campus Employment

Today, there are many opportunities for students to find jobs on-campus. If you want to develop a certain skill or receive a definite experience, on-campus employment is the best way to improve yourself. You may visit your university’s website to check on the services, departments and faculties that are employing students currently. In addition, your fellow students and professors may help you to find on-campus job of your dream. Continue reading

5 Must Try Dishes for Vegetarians Worldwide

Vegetarian Dishes

Unfortunately, many vegetarians face the problem of finding right food to eat while being abroad. Does it mean it is better to stay at home and follow your lifestyle? The answer is definitely negative. Even though the world is full of meat and fish, there is always room for those who prefer vegetarian foods.

Here is a useful list of must try dishes around the world that are recommended by travel bloggers and foodies. Every vegetarian will find its so-called food harbor.

1. You tiao (China)

It is very hard to get the concept of vegetarianism in China. However, China is a country with diverse cuisine, so everyone easily finds the food to relish. The best dish in China that any vegetarian can’t miss is you tiao. These are breadsticks of dough that are deeply fried. People eat them either for breakfast or as a snack. These breadsticks are lightly salted but can be dipped in anything sweet like chocolate sauce, jam, peanut butter, etc. The taste is absolutely delicious and appetizing.

2. Gallo Pinto (Costa Rica)

For all the vegans gallo pinto is a heaven for a wallet. Traditional breakfast in Costa Rica consists of rice, beans, eggs, and a tortilla. If you don’t eat eggs, simply say “sin huevos” when ordering. This means “without eggs”. In some local sodas, gallo pinto comes with avocado or fried banana that can be add extra instead of eggs. Not only is this dish cheap, but it’s also tasty and filling. Continue reading

Think Positive and be Successful

Think Positive and be Successful

Success is a result of your thoughts. People who think positive are more successful than others. It is strange, but it’s true. Positive thinking makes a positive atmosphere around you. When you believe in own success, you will certainly have it. You will attract people who are happy and successful. It makes your life easier because you have a support of the adherents.

How to generate positive energy around you? Use only positive words, such as “no problem”, “everything is OK,” or “it is easy for me” and etc. When you can’t get something now, imagine how you will get it. Think about nice and beautiful things and places. Remember your happy moments and dream about new ones.

If you are obsessed with lots of problems, imagine that you solve them at once. Read inspiration literature. Visit places where you can get positive emotions. Watch films that make your mood better. Go in for sport. Remember a sound mind in a sound body. Be strong and confident that everything that you do will be successful. Continue reading

Catch the Rhythm in Energetic Music at These 10 NYC Dance Spots


New Yorkers and visitors adore dancing at city clubs. A night of dancing allows them to let off their unflagging energy. Here is a list of the best dance spots in New York City:

The Jane Hotel (212-924-6700)

The Ballroom of the Jane Hotel is an excellent spot for the best dance party in town at Sunday night. Earlier, sailors ordinarily used this place to rest. Now, the Jane Hotel offers dancing all night long. If you decide to attend this spot, do not forget that the party begins late, which is typical for New York.

Lavo (212-750-5588)

Although this spot is the most expensive in the list, it is worth visiting. Lavo’s DJs tend to mix pop, house, hip-hop, and EDM, which ensures an unforgettable atmosphere. Faint-hearted people hardly like this party, since chaos can easily seize you by the morning.

Mehanata (212-625-0981)

Mehanata, a Bulgarian club, is often ignored. It seems that this spot is a home of nomadic gypsies and a sinful vodka ice room. Pass through the ice room and start dancing at one of Mahatana’s two floors. This hidden party house makes your friends think that they appear in Eastern Europe and not in the Lower East Side.

Verboten (347-223-4732)

Verboten nightclub gives you a chance to dance until sunrise. The 10,000-square-foot space is divided into two rooms and caters. Insuperable love of underground house and a strong desire to dance off unite an electric crowd that attends this spot.

Marquee (646-473-0202)

Marquee did not attract party people for a couple of years. However, after a complete repair in 2012, the nightclub returns its popularity. A huge number of dance lovers begin to attend this spot again. Marquee consists of one large room and a balcony for a VIP area. International electronic DJs weekly create their energetic dance music. You will certainly meet many New Yorkers and curious travelers on the Marquee’s dance floor. Continue reading