Best Ways To Improve Your Memory

Best Ways To Improve Your Memory

Best Ways To Improve Your Memory

Have you recently experienced issues with your memory, like inability to recall someone`s name or having multiple `tip of the tongue` moments? It is a natural thing to experience the decline of the speed of thought with age. However, it doesn`t mean that it`s inevitable. There are things you can do daily to keep your memory sharp.

Tips for Memory Improvement

Stop Multitasking

Frequently, our memory fails in cases when we haven`t paid enough attention while getting the information. That is why you sometimes can`t remember whether you have locked the door. Your mind was full of other thoughts while you were doing that. For this reason, multitasking is not so good. For better productivity and sharper memory, concentrate on a single thing at a time.

Write by Hand

Handwriting is proved to be better than typing as, according to multiple studies, it activates more brain regions. Many people know it from their own experience that when they write something by hand, they are able to recall it better later. It concerns different things, both simple and complex `“ from shopping lists to college lectures.

Take Tech-Breaks

Today, when we have all these smartphones, tablets and other devices, it`s becoming harder to focus on something and think clearly. Studies show that when a person knows that he/she has a new email in the inbox, the effective IQ reduces by about 10 points. Therefore, it`s better to resist the desire to check your mail and social media all the time. Take more breaks from your devices.

Chew Gum

For some reason, chewing gum has proved to improve long and short-term memory. We still don`t know why this happens, perhaps because chewing augments your heart rate, thus supplying more oxygen to your brain.

Exercise and Eat Well

Multiple studies show that eating a healthy diet rich in healthy fats, vegetables and fruit and exercising improve your memory and brain function. The secret is to do it on a regular basis.


Stress aggravates your memory and makes you unable to take in and retain information. For this reason, if you`re stressed, most likely you won`t memorize anything. Meditation, in its turn, decreases stress, keeps you more relaxed, helps you avoid distractions, thus increasing your ability to process and remember information.

Challenge Yourself and Seek Variety

Crosswords and brain games are perfect for exercising your brain and training your memory. However, to feel the effect, you need to find them challenging. Therefore, the puzzles you solve need to be a little above your comfortable level. It is also important to seek variety. Study unfamiliar subjects, learn a foreign language, talk with people you don`t know, or take different routes when going home.

Take a Nap

When you sleep, you consolidate your memories. For this reason, it is a good idea to go to sleep after learning important information. Don`t you mind taking a nap after reading this article?

With these tips, you`ll certainly keep your memory sharp throughout your life!

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