8 Effective Steps To Manage Exam Stress

8 Effective Steps To Manage Exam Stress

Intense exam period often makes you feel that you are losing control of the situation. You constantly question your knowledge, the expectations of a professor, and your ability to perform well. Lengthy anxiety that comes from the evaluation of your knowledge may make you feel stressed and even panicked. Today, we will discuss some essential steps to control the anxiety and to succeed during the exams.

Prepare Well

Nothing will give you more confidence in your ability to perform well during the test than knowing study material inside out. Make sure you realize the expectations of your professor, check the syllabus and learn the material properly.

Create a Plan

Study according to a strict plan. Select days to learn new material and revise it. Divide complicated themes into sections and study them separately. In addition, break your study time allowing yourself some rest.

Realize Your Productivity Pattern

Choose the best time and place to study. Learn new material during the period when you feel the most alert. For example, if you are a dawn lark, study in the morning. Also, choose the most comfortable learning environment. For instance, if you feel cozy in a quiet library hall, do not hesitate to study there.

Eat and Drink Well

Rely on a healthy diet to keep your body fit and maintain sufficient energy level. Avoid eating products that increase blood sugar, for example, biscuits, cereals and sweets. Also, do not drink countless cups of coffee. Instead, make your brain more productive by eating fruit, vegetables, fish and drinking milk or fresh juice.

Work Out

Regular exercises will help you to relieve pre-exam stress. By jogging or doing yoga in the morning, you may increase oxygen level in your blood. This will make your brain function properly and stay concentrated on studying.

Sleep Well

Make sure you go to bed early and have enough sleep the night before the test. If anxiety makes it hard to fall asleep, do some boring routine in the evening, for example, ironing. Do not use gadgets for too long before going to bed. This may prevent you from falling asleep fast.


During the times when anxiety gets overwhelming, close your eyes and imagine something pleasant. You may also think of an appropriate reward in case you pass the test successfully. Visualize the positive outcome of the exam and remember the feeling.

Discuss Your Feelings with Someone

If it is hard to overcome stress the day before the exam, talk about your feelings with a roommate, classmate or your relative. Sometimes, their support may give you additional confidence in your own strength.

It is hard to avoid exam stress, but it is possible to overcome it and calm yourself down. Use these tips to combat anxiety and think positively during the exam day.

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