5 Tricks to Improve Your GPA

5 Tricks to Improve Your GPA

Every student wants to have a better GPA with minimal efforts. I say that getting better grades is not that challenging. All you have to do is look at the following activities and make them your daily practice. A couple minutes a day will help you achieve outstanding academic results.

Make Class Notes Your Bedtime Reading

It doesn`t mean you have to give up reading that Stephen King`s book, not at all. You just have to spend some 10-15 min rereading the class material. Evening is the perfect time for storing new information in long-term memory. Thus, it will be easier to recall the new material and you will spend less time on exam preparation. By the way, you do not have to go through all the notes at once. Just reread the last lectures every in the evening.

Study Beforehand

This is the most valuable advice. Unfortunately, many students find it really hard to follow. You keep postponing studying, the assignments pile up, and the last thing you know is that you are burning the midnight oil, all stressed out, promising yourself never to do this again. However, studying in advance is not that difficult. Besides, it will save you from the trouble of staying up late.

Stay Focused

Sometimes, you spend much time studying, but in the end, you don`t remember a single word you`ve read. The reason is, staring at a book and studying productively are not the same. If you want to achieve good results, you have to be attentive. Turn off your cell phone and log out of Facebook. Plus, you can try using different studying techniques, such as mnemonics, flash cards, etc. in order to increase your productivity. There are plenty of them on the Internet, just choose the one that suits you best.

4. An Early Bird Catches the Worm

Here you must be thinking that waking up early is not like you, you`re a night owl, and so on. I`m not asking you to wake up two hours earlier than you normally do. However, if you get out of bed 15 minutes earlier and dedicate this time to planning your daily activities, you will greatly increase your productivity. Check your e-mails, look through the notes, and check your planner not to miss appointments or some deadline. This will also give you a sense of confidence and you will become a more organized person. Consequently, you will improve your academic performance.

5. Read the Notes Aloud

To memorize the notes, try reading them out loud. For even a better effect, recite them. Studies prove that this technique helps you focus and understand the information better.

I am sure that these easy tips will help you improve your GPA. As you can see, they are quite easy ¬ you just have to make them your daily habit.

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