5 Steps to Prepare an Excellent Persuasive Speech

5 Steps to Prepare an Excellent Persuasive Speech

Talking is easy when we don`t give a second thought to it. But everything changes when it comes to presenting your ideas in front of the audience. All of a sudden, your thoughts start playing hide and seek with you, your confidence in yourself fades away and the sweat on your palms and forehead lets you know that you`d rather do something else than give a speech. One of the greatest ways to get your confidence back is to prepare a great persuasive speech. In case you`re looking for quick tips on how to do that, this article is written exactly for you.

Learn More About the Topic

In many cases, anxiety comes from the lack of information. If you know the topic you`re presenting and already have all the answers to tricky questions in your mind, it will definitely reduce your nervousness. You need to spend enough time to learn all sides of the issue that you will be talking about. Read academic books, listen to the opinions of the experts, find relevant articles and monographs online, or in the libraries, and make sure that you`re using only relevant and reliable sources.

Outline Your Goal

If you don`t know what you want to achieve with your speech, then you will probably achieve nothing. Ask yourself a question `“ what do I want? Do I want people to take action and fight the global warming? Do I want to make a sale? Or, maybe I want my audience to vote for a certain candidate on the presidential race? When you know your goal, it will be much easier to select the right arguments to reach it. It is also very important to know the views and understand how intelligent your audience is. In other words `“ you must know who you`re talking to in order to put your message in the words that they will understand.

Work Out the Powerful Opening

Chances are that people will not know a thing about you when you step on the stage. Therefore, if you want them to listen to you, you should attract their attention and make them believe you. For this reason, you should prepare a strong opening. Such opening must have the following components:

  • Attention grabber `“ you may use a dramatic statement or a relevant joke to get audience`s attention.
  • Link to the audience `“ show that you have a lot of things in common with the audience.
  • Road map `“ highlight the most important points of your speech.

Provide Persuasive Evidence

That`s the section of your speech where you can convince your audience and make them believe in what you`re saying or take action, depending on the goal of your speech. In the main body of your speech, you should provide enough convincing arguments, which should be arranged logically. Using real-life examples, which audience can relate to their own experience, is a good idea.

Finish Your Speech With a Call to Action

That`s where you should use strong sentences and be very convincing. Otherwise, you will make your audience yawn.

Practice makes perfect and takes away the dross. Have no doubt `“ you can make it!

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