4 Ways to Train both Reading and Writing at the Same Time

4 Ways to Train both Reading and Writing at the Same Time

Writing and reading are the skills that are closely connected to each other. You need both of these skills in your academic career and in your daily life, and you have to constantly work on both of them. So isn't it a good idea to learn how to develop both of these skills at the same time? Read on to learn how you can do it and be sure to apply the tips that are given to you.


In case you consider reading helpful only for your reading skills, you are mistaken. Reading improves your writing skills. And when you read different kinds of text, you learn more about different styles. It also helps you learn proper grammar and spelling, as well as gives you a better idea of good text organization. Besides, reading different kinds of books enlarges your knowledge base and makes a great hobby. So find the next book you want to read and just start reading it!


The first stage of writing is brainstorming. It helps you get started, gives you a lot of new ideas. Remember that when you are brainstorming, you should not attempt to give any kind of structure to your thoughts. Just let the thought process flow by itself and write down absolutely all the ideas that come up. You should make notes of them even if they sound silly at first. You can elaborate on them later and turn them into something beautiful and extraordinary.

Another good idea to use brainstorming is while reading. It will help you better understand what you are reading and boost your imagination.

Write, Read, Write, Repeat

Keep on writing, reading, and rewriting things. When you practice it often enough, both reading and writing skills are improving. After doing this, you will understand that reading and writing are closely connected. They are built on each other. When you develop one of them, you can develop another one at the same time. And you can do it in a fun way!

Fully Understand the Language

It does not matter what your language is `“ you need to know it very well to know how to improve your writing and reading skills. You need to study the language you are writing on, whether it is your native language or not. When you continually study the language, you learn new things all the time and become a better writer and reader.

It may seem to be difficult to find activities that help develop both writing and reading. But when you do it, you will see how your skills are improving. Make sure that the activities you find are not boring for you. In order to attain the best effect, you should enjoy what you are doing.

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