Best Ways To Improve Your Memory

Best Ways To Improve Your Memory

Have you recently experienced issues with your memory, like inability to recall someone’s name or having multiple “tip of the tongue” moments? It is a natural thing to experience the decline of the speed of thought with age. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s inevitable. There are things you can do daily to keep your memory sharp.

Tips for Memory Improvement

Stop Multitasking

Frequently, our memory fails in cases when we haven’t paid enough attention while getting the information. That is why you sometimes can’t remember whether you have locked the door. Your mind was full of other thoughts while you were doing that. For this reason, multitasking is not so good. For better productivity and sharper memory, concentrate on a single thing at a time. Continue reading

Free Tools to Collaborate Easily

Free Tools to Collaborate Easily

With the development of technologies, there has been a great change in approaches to the studying process. It is no longer a so-called “teacher-textbook-student” relationship, but rather an advanced method of teaching and learning. To catch up with the era of advanced technologies, teachers turn for help to various interactive tools aiming to facilitate the studying process and arouse the students’ interest to collaborate.

We decided to gather the most popular and efficient free classroom teaching/learning tools in one place!


It is an education network used by teachers, students, and even parents all over the world. It is an easy way to connect with other people, to exchange homework, quizzes, to create groups, to collaborate, and more. Stay educated with free multi-platform Edmodo. Continue reading

Argumentative Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

Essay On Teenage Pregnancy
Developing an argumentative essay is a common assignment for students. In some cases, students can choose the topic by themselves, most often preferring to select popular arguable topics, such as teenage pregnancy, abortion, gun control, capital punishment, etc. It is a good idea to choose these topics, as it is easy to find arguments for and against them. If a student takes, for example, the topic of teenage pregnancy, there are certain points he or she needs to keep in mind.

Tips to Write an Argumentative Essay on Teenage Pregnancy

Include the Statistics

Unlike some other traditional argumentative essay topics, you will need to include statistics when writing about teenage pregnancy. They can be such numbers as: Continue reading

8 Places to Find a Freelance Job for Novices

8 Places to Find a Freelance Job for Novices

If you are new to freelance business, it is always hard to find a reliable job that brings a profit. Although there are many alluring offers on the freelance market, not many jobs are suitable for newbies who usually lack experience and skills.

Freelance Writing Sites

Popular freelance writing platforms, such as Odesk, Freelancer and iWriter, should be the first place to refer to if you are looking for a job. Join the online community of freelancers who earn money using writing skills and it will be easy to find your first job.


You have probably heard about the rising popularity of Fiverr among freelance writers. The marketplace has numerous offers for freelancers. Although some of them are cheap, you will be able to earn a good salary if you take orders regularly. Continue reading

Bad College Essays: Mistakes You Must Avoid

Bad College Essays: Mistakes You Must Avoid
Let’s figure out what issues make your essay bad and how you can solve them.

Issues with the Topic

If you choose a topic badly, you may end up writing an awful essay and making a bad impression about your entire college application. Your ill-chosen topic can make the admission officers think that you aren’t mature enough, can’t express your thoughts properly, and are focused only on yourself.
Solution – don’t choose the topic that is:

  • Too Personal. If you reveal something really private, it may show that you don’t understand personal and social boundaries. So don’t write about something you wouldn’t tell a stranger.
  • Continue reading

Psychology behind the Most Popular Writing Tips

Psychology behind the Most Popular Writing Tips

If you want to improve your writing style, it is important to not only follow essay-writing tips strictly, but also understand the psychology behind them. Why must each writing rule be adhered? Let’s review the most popular writing tips and clarify the reasons why they should be used every time you are assigned to complete an essay.

Write Briefly

Long texts make the readers anxious and there are chances that they will stop reading them before getting to the point. So, it is important to write briefly and clearly explain the argument using the smallest possible amount of words. If you see that your essay is too long, edit it and delete unnecessary or repetitious information.

Avoid Complicated Sentences

You may think that complicated sentence structures make your writing style more sophisticated. However, the truth is that long and complicated sentences may easily confuse the readers. So, divide long sentences by breaking them into separate ideas. Continue reading

Forms of Diabetes Mellitus

Forms of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic lifelong condition that many people suffer from. It has a bad effect on pancreas’s ability to produce the hormone insulin, which helps the body to extract the nourishing energy from food. When a person suffers from diabetes, it means that insulin, produced by the pancreas, doesn’t function properly and the level of glucose in the blood rise. According to the National Diabetes Statistic Report in 2014, 29 million people in the United States of America, which comprises 9.3% of the whole population, have diabetes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 4 people with diabetes don’t know they have it. In general, according to the National Diabetes Fact Sheet, 8.1 million people in the USA have undiagnosed diabetes comprises. Continue reading