Basic Essay Types All Students Must Know

Most students know how challenging it can be to complete an academic writing assignment if you are not familiar with essay types and if you are, to be honest, not a fan of writing. However, you shouldn’t receive low grades just because you haven’t learned basic essay types. This article is a perfect opportunity for you to discover the must-knows of essays and to leave all writing challenges behind.

Expository Essay

Whenever students come across the name of this essay type for the first times, they agree that they obviously need some essay writing help. However, it is not as horrible as you might think. In fact, this is probably the easiest essay type. The most complicated part of preparing expository essay is doing a research and gathering evidence to support your idea. Usually, the professors will ask you to write a comparison and contrast or cause and effect type. Below is the basic structure you must follow: Continue reading

How to Take Control over Your Life

Take Control over Your Life

Many people can reach the point in their lives when everything seems to be wrong. They’ll get envious of the success of others, won’t get satisfaction from the work they are doing and will try to find faults with people who surround them. Comparing your life to others is already the first thing that might undermine your outlook. The second disastrous thing is complaining while not even making an effort to change something. If you’re dissatisfied with the things that surround you, start acting fast and take your life in your own hands.

Be Responsible for Your Past Actions

The point you’ve currently reached in your life is a direct result of all actions you took earlier. Unless you’ve become a victim of an unfortunate situation, most negative things that surround you could have been avoided provided you acted differently. Therefore, the first step towards improving your life is desisting from making detrimental decisions. Obviously, there will always be inconveniences and missteps that won’t be your fault, but if you’re aware of your actions, you’ll notice that such things are very ephemeral. So, stop blaming the gods and take responsibility for your own decisions. Continue reading

How Weather Affects Our Educational Process and Productivity

Educational Process and Productivity

Due to different reasons, a lot of people are considered to feel depressed, be inactive, and even under the weather. In most cases, a major underlying cause is not our laziness but the weather conditions. It sharply affects your overall state, productivity, and your educational process respectively. Although autumn has already sprung and the cold, gloomy months of winter are around the corner, it’s not the reason to give in to despair. Let’s talk this through together.

Does Weather Affect Your Well-Being?

Most of us intuitively think the weather conditions have quite a strong effect on our mood. Are we hard-wired? In case you didn’t know, scientists haven’t determined so far the fact of the direct relationship between the weather and mood swings of the human beings. The most common conclusion of their works was that there is little or no genuine connection. However, in 2008, German researchers have proved the opposite. Out of 400 study participants, the weather was likely not to impact on the moods of half of them, but the other 50% were indeed afflicted. Through this study of the effect of the weather conditions such as temperature, the wind, sunlight, etc., four distinct types of people were distinguished: Continue reading

How to Make Your Night Studying Effective

Studying Night

Every student had to or will have to study at night at some instance. There may be different reasons for that: one might need to finish a difficult project or get ready for an important exam. No matter what leads to it, night studying is always strenuous. So, how can you successfully handle such a challenge? Try doing the following:

Keep Your Body Awake

A cool shower can help you stay alert. What is more, to refresh yourself, you can watch a short episode from a horror movie or hilarious comedy. You can also try doing squats or some other physical exercises. You can do these easy things during your 5-7 minutes breaks from studying. Continue reading

Say Goodbye to Fake Friends

Fake Friends
A friend is the soulmate who can support and encourage us whatever happens without any moralizing. Sometimes, finding such a person is a rather challenging task, since in the present day world people tend to take care of their profits instead of human values. Usually, one can understand the essence of a close person only in a few years. Looking back at my past, I want to say farewell to my fake friends.

Dear “Friends,”

When I left my successful career a few years ago, most of you thought I was crazy and condemned my decision. When I told you that I wanted to explore myself and broaden my horizons, you told me I was wrong. According to your words, pursuing my dreams was nonsense. It is all right; I am not blaming you for not believing in me. I am not waiting for your excuses; I am just telling that a real friend would never say it.

Do you remember, my ostensible friends, how you talked behind my back judging my crazy plans? Are you surprised? Yes, I have heard all your useless conversations. You believed I was too idealistic or even dumb. Your gossips did not bother me. Your words that I have lost my mind only encouraged me to reach the heights of my cherished dreams. You said I was an idiot, and you could not even imagine how these words influenced me and my fate. Continue reading

3 Benefits of Participating in Academic Debate

Participating in Academic Debate

When choosing an extracurricular activity, many students often concentrate on sports or more directly academic pursuits. However, there are more benefits of debate clubs that one may imagine. Here are the top three.

It Looks Great on Your Resume for Colleges

There are things that are guaranteed to get you in good standing with prestigious schools and increase your chances of being admitted. Volunteering is one, academic debate is the other. College boards know that discourse can develop the valuable skills that every educated person needs.

It Helps You Form Opinions of a Range of Subjects

A current social landscape is hard to figure out. When it comes to political, economic and even moral issues, it is hard to find the truth in the millions of viewpoints. Hearing out all the positions on a subject can help you to form your own outlook on life. Moreover, you will also learn valuable arguments to support your opinions. Perhaps, you’ll even learn about the issues that you have not suspected that they do exist! Continue reading

Freelance Jobs: How to Start Writing Online

Start Writing Online

The job of freelance copywriter is one of the most required on the nowadays job market. The companies are looking for smart authors to write for them on both full and part time basis. It can be quite beneficial to begin working from home, doing what you really like. Content manager are becoming more and more demanded nowadays, so if writing is your cup of tea, you do not need to look for anything else. There is always something to write about, so there is plenty of work if you have decided to become a copywriter.

Start Freelance Writing Career

Social Media Content Editor

If you have working experience in the sphere of social media and enjoy writing about public and for public, this may be right for you. Many companies tend to hire part time freelancers for their needs. Moreover, you can be asked to publish your pieces of writings on the social media, like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Content Curator

If you prefer editing to writing, this position will fit you ideally. Checking various websites, blogs articles will be your main objective. Changing headlines, making synopses and improving the writing will be required as well. Continue reading