8 Places to Find a Freelance Job for Novices

8 Places to Find a Freelance Job for Novices

If you are new to freelance business, it is always hard to find a reliable job that brings a profit. Although there are many alluring offers on the freelance market, not many jobs are suitable for newbies who usually lack experience and skills.

Freelance Writing Sites

Popular freelance writing platforms, such as Odesk, Freelancer and iWriter, should be the first place to refer to if you are looking for a job. Join the online community of freelancers who earn money using writing skills and it will be easy to find your first job.


You have probably heard about the rising popularity of Fiverr among freelance writers. The marketplace has numerous offers for freelancers. Although some of them are cheap, you will be able to earn a good salary if you take orders regularly. Continue reading

Bad College Essays: Mistakes You Must Avoid

Bad College Essays: Mistakes You Must Avoid
Let’s figure out what issues make your essay bad and how you can solve them.

Issues with the Topic

If you choose a topic badly, you may end up writing an awful essay and making a bad impression about your entire college application. Your ill-chosen topic can make the admission officers think that you aren’t mature enough, can’t express your thoughts properly, and are focused only on yourself.
Solution – don’t choose the topic that is:

  • Too Personal. If you reveal something really private, it may show that you don’t understand personal and social boundaries. So don’t write about something you wouldn’t tell a stranger.
  • Continue reading

Psychology behind the Most Popular Writing Tips

Psychology behind the Most Popular Writing Tips

If you want to improve your writing style, it is important to not only follow essay-writing tips strictly, but also understand the psychology behind them. Why must each writing rule be adhered? Let’s review the most popular writing tips and clarify the reasons why they should be used every time you are assigned to complete an essay.

Write Briefly

Long texts make the readers anxious and there are chances that they will stop reading them before getting to the point. So, it is important to write briefly and clearly explain the argument using the smallest possible amount of words. If you see that your essay is too long, edit it and delete unnecessary or repetitious information.

Avoid Complicated Sentences

You may think that complicated sentence structures make your writing style more sophisticated. However, the truth is that long and complicated sentences may easily confuse the readers. So, divide long sentences by breaking them into separate ideas. Continue reading

Forms of Diabetes Mellitus

Forms of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic lifelong condition that many people suffer from. It has a bad effect on pancreas’s ability to produce the hormone insulin, which helps the body to extract the nourishing energy from food. When a person suffers from diabetes, it means that insulin, produced by the pancreas, doesn’t function properly and the level of glucose in the blood rise. According to the National Diabetes Statistic Report in 2014, 29 million people in the United States of America, which comprises 9.3% of the whole population, have diabetes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 4 people with diabetes don’t know they have it. In general, according to the National Diabetes Fact Sheet, 8.1 million people in the USA have undiagnosed diabetes comprises. Continue reading

5 Steps to a Great Cause and Effect Essay on Unemployment

Cause and Effect Essay on Unemployment

A cause and effect essay is one of the most complicated ones to write because it requires a full understanding of the topic at hand. That is why we are offering our tips on how to write an excellent essay. Let’s take unemployment as an example topic and go through several essential points.

Find out What the Effects Are

Unemployment is a fairly urgent issue. It leads to many pressing problems from crime and depression to political upheavals. If people are not given opportunities to earn money with dignity, they are forced to search for other, less legal sources of income. Continue reading

Tips on Writing Your College Application Essay

Writing Your College Essay

It may seem really challenging to write a college application essay. But if you use these tips, you will definitely feel more assured and do a nicer job!

Best Tips on Writing an Excellent Essay

Make it Unique

When you’re writing a personal essay, you need to allow the admission officers to hear your voice. Everyone enlists his/her academic achievements and extracurricular activities, but few people let themselves shine through their piece of writing. If you reveal your personality, you will make your essay stand out among the dozens of others. So, don’t hesitate to write in your own personal voice.

Choose a Topic that Matters

It doesn’t have to be something extremely emotional or too impressive. It just should be the topic you really care about. It can be an essay about your mom, about the day you met your best friend, or about your core values. Before you begin to write, brainstorm the ideas and then pick the topic through which you can manifest your personality.

Begin Writing

Stop staring at a piece of paper or a blank screen. Just start writing something to avoid dozing off or going to Facebook. When you write at least several words, it will be much easier to keep yourself going! It doesn’t matter if these first words are actually stinky. You’ll fix them later. Continue reading

On-Campus Employment

On-Campus Employment

Today, there are many opportunities for students to find jobs on-campus. If you want to develop a certain skill or receive a definite experience, on-campus employment is the best way to improve yourself. You may visit your university’s website to check on the services, departments and faculties that are employing students currently. In addition, your fellow students and professors may help you to find on-campus job of your dream. Continue reading