Essay Sample: Biblical References in Moby Dick

Biblical References in Moby Dick

Moby Dick was written by Herman Melville. This literature masterpiece is considered both a sea-life documentary and a philosophical tale about life. Moby Dick was written far ahead of its time, and for this reason, today it meets more understanding than it did back then. In the novel, one sees the equal appreciation of various religious beliefs and notices the critique of religious extremism. Moby Dick novel displays the similarities and differences between the tribal pagans and New England Christians. In this comparison, they seem to be not too different from each other. The author uses biting satire toward religiosity and some of the religious remarks. In the meantime, he utilizes many Biblical symbols through giving the names and roles to his characters. Continue reading

Writing Essay about Life

Essay about life

No matter where we go, there are always things of enormous value for us. They are different for many people, and what is important for one of us is insignificant for the others. People always care for being important to someone. We may never find the answer to this question, but the matter may stay in our minds for a long. An essay about life includes a great variety of topics. If you doubt where to start and how to develop your essay, consider hiring an expert from our online service.

How to Begin Your Essay about Life

Here are some useful ideas that will give you a hint on how to begin writing your essay about life.

Sometimes difficult circumstances make us forget about special things that matter most in our lives. Some of us spend many years or even the whole lifetime to understand what is important to them. Society and culture we live in often urge people to become important. That is why we are seeking for acceptance in different societal groups and media network websites. We are trying to fill our lives with other people to avoid loneliness and start caring about someone else. Continue reading

Writing Term Papers for Dummies

Writing Term Papers

Who is a “dummy”? It’s a person who knows nothing about a particular subject. For instance, imagine that you like to cook very much and are good at it, but you have a friend who doesn’t like to do it and is bad at it. It means that your friend is a dummy in cooking. A similar thing can be said about any area of knowledge, including writing term papers.

Now imagine that you invite your non-cooking friend to your home to teach them to cook. You think it’s so easy that a single evening will be enough for that. After all, all you need to do is to follow the recipe, right? No, that’s not right. Even if your friend follows the recipe, the chances are that the result will be barely edible. Let’s turn to writing again: you try hard to adhere to the instructions and complete all the necessary steps, but you fail. It happens because you lack some basic knowledge. Continue reading

The Personality of Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby

Character Analysis of Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby

Nick Carraway is a central figure in the breathtaking novel The Great Gatsby. Introducing the main characters, he creates a storyline and at the same time builds a certain kind of attitude towards everything that happens around him. Truly, the author’s choice is perfect as Nick is surrounded by the elite, but he is rather different from the people in this society. His main feature is self-reliance, and money is not the sense of his life. We have to admit that this allows the narrator to provide a sober judgment. However, the influence of the toffs grows stronger, and our hero is unable to resist. This other beautiful world sucks him in very quickly and stealthily.

The gentleman comes from a middle-class family. He grows up as an ordinary boy. Being hard-working people, his parents taught him to value every cent. Nevertheless, the constant presence among wealthy people leads to addiction. As a result, Nick gets used to luxury. Thankfully, the protagonist feels the gradual change and fear hangs upon him. The fellow may be alone soon. He realizes he can’t exchange the dearest and nearest people in the West Coast for all the money in the World. Therefore, the decision to leave the East Coast seems to be inevitable. The moment comes, and he escapes. Continue reading

Argumentative essay: Should Corporal Punishment Have a Place in Education?

Corporal Punishment

In previous century, it was a typical practice to use physical strength for punishing nasty students for their disobedience. Corporal punishment was the favorite tool for keeping the class in order for most teachers. Educators never lost the opportunity to punish children for misbehaving, not learned material, or even inattentiveness, which is the reason why this kind of punishment became famous for its cruelty and harm for kids’ psychology. Despite its ambiguity, this issue needs some research as it has both pros and cons.

To begin with, the only potential advantage of corporal punishment is based on the fact that in this case teachers can have the effective tool of influence on students inclined to misbehave, act violently, or disrupt lessons. Being able to apply corporal punishment to such students can guarantee obedience and calm atmosphere in class.

Although there are still proponents of using physical strength against children as a pedagogical method, the vast majority of teachers deny it as being inhumane. It should be mentioned that corporal punishment brings more harm than positive results, making kids suffer from physical pain and mental anguish. Many students, who underwent such punishment, have mental and psychological problems in their adult life, not being able to forget the horrible experience. What is more, kids, who already fell victims to such ‘educational’ treatment, may skip even more classes because they know that coming to school may bring more pain and humiliation. Continue reading

Books Every Man Should Read

Books Every Man Should Read

Reading is plunging into completely new worlds, escaping from reality, widening your knowledge, studying, or relaxing. There is definitely a huge list of books you should read.

List of the Must Read Books

• The Giver

This novel was very influential in its time. It won the Newberry Medal in 1994. This novel tells a story of a 12-year old boy who understands complex secrets that are hiding behind the community he lives in.
• Steve Jobs
It is a life story of Steve Jobs, which is based on dozens of interviews with the genius, as well as his close people.
• To Kill a Mockingbird
One of the best books to read, this one takes you away to the core of the human behavior. Continue reading

5 Must Try Dishes for Vegetarians Worldwide

Vegetarian Dishes

Unfortunately, many vegetarians face the problem of finding right food to eat while being abroad. Does it mean it is better to stay at home and follow your lifestyle? The answer is definitely negative. Even though the world is full of meat and fish, there is always room for those who prefer vegetarian foods.

Here is a useful list of must try dishes around the world that are recommended by travel bloggers and foodies. Every vegetarian will find its so-called food harbor.

1. You tiao (China)

It is very hard to get the concept of vegetarianism in China. However, China is a country with diverse cuisine, so everyone easily finds the food to relish. The best dish in China that any vegetarian can’t miss is you tiao. These are breadsticks of dough that are deeply fried. People eat them either for breakfast or as a snack. These breadsticks are lightly salted but can be dipped in anything sweet like chocolate sauce, jam, peanut butter, etc. The taste is absolutely delicious and appetizing.

2. Gallo Pinto (Costa Rica)

For all the vegans gallo pinto is a heaven for a wallet. Traditional breakfast in Costa Rica consists of rice, beans, eggs, and a tortilla. If you don’t eat eggs, simply say “sin huevos” when ordering. This means “without eggs”. In some local sodas, gallo pinto comes with avocado or fried banana that can be add extra instead of eggs. Not only is this dish cheap, but it’s also tasty and filling. Continue reading

Top 5 Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips

Do you think that people who manage to do everything on time have more minutes in an hour? Do they have more hours in a day? Nope. They have the same amount as we do: 60 minutes in an hour and 24 hours in a day. The only thing that differs them is their ability to manage time. It’s a major skill, that can transform one’s life significantly. Imagine that within one day you can be twice as effective as you are now. You just become potent to do more with the same amount of time and as you master this skill, you “create” more and more time. To help you get started, here are the top 5 skills that you need to develop.

1) Eliminate the Unnecessary.

This is a must. If you’re always involved in the activities that make little or no sense – you’re just wasting your time. A great step to eliminating the unnecessary is mastering the ability to say “no”. Sometimes, we trap ourselves into saying “yes” to so many things that we would rather refuse. If you don’t understand what actually “unnecessary” is, I’ll give you an easy explanation – it’s everything that prevents you from reaching your goals. For instance, if you have a deadline for a task, you shouldn’t spend 30 minutes surfing Facebook. Just draw a very clear line between the necessary and the unnecessary and avoid everything that’s unnecessary. Be very honest about your definitions. Don’t let your mind fool you by putting the unnecessary stuff in the necessary category.

2) Plan Your Work.

If you don’t know what you want to accomplish today, you will probably accomplish nothing. Plan ahead what you want to achieve today. These 10 minutes of planning have much more effect then hours of aimless work. Continue reading

The World’s Most Attractive Libraries

The World’s Most Attractive Libraries

For genuine bookworms, a library is something divine, something beautiful and undoubtedly magnetic. Since childhood, I had a very moving attitude towards books as a never-ending source of wisdom. What another place could be more inviting for such a person than a cozy shade of library’s tranquility? Thanks to the fact that the humankind has never spared funds on the development of those sage repositories, we can now enjoy the beauty of numerous libraries around the world.

Trinity College Library, Ireland

It is one the most gorgeous and oldest book repositories in the world. Surely, never judge a book by its cover, but this library is an exception. In addition to its impressive interior, it also stores the most valuable pieces of writings from whole Ireland, including the famous Book of Kells, the greatest Irish cultural treasure.

Clementinum, Prague

An amazing historical building built in Baroque style with fresco paintings and few globes is there not only to delight the eye of visitors but also to provide a real bookworm with a sufficient amount of reading. Clementium Library is the home to over 20, 000 volumes collected with the help of the Jesuits.

The Library of El Escorial, Spain

This Spanish library is the real state of the art, beautiful both inside and outside. Being favored by the Spanish Royals, the library was always filled with the best versions of books. It also attracted attention with its dazzling beauty.
Richard J. Riordan Central Library; Los Angeles, California
Among all the attractions of Los Angeles, the Central Library is a must-see place. This building carefully designed in Art Deco style is even more breathtaking on the inside, with bronze chandeliers and an impressive staircase, which create an elegant image. Continue reading

Euthanasia Thesis

Euthanasia Thesis

Do you have to complete a thesis on euthanasia? Definitely, you don’t want your thesis committee to perform euthanasia on your paper, do you? Therefore, you need to find the way to save your thesis and let it live!

To do this, you need to know what euthanasia is and how you should talk about it in your thesis. And we are at your disposal to assist you with that!!!

What is Euthanasia?

Euthanasia, also called physician-assisted suicide, means ending a patient’s life painlessly with an aim to relieve his/her suffering and pain from an incurable disease. It has a legal status in such countries as Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Thailand, as well as Oregon and Washington states in the USA.

Writing a Euthanasia Thesis

When writing a thesis on euthanasia, first of all, you have to choose a topic. Think of the themes that interest you the most. There are multiple topics you can choose from, including:
• Facts about Euthanasia
• Pros and Cons of Euthanasia
• Euthanasia Ethics
• Euthanasia Statistics
• Euthanasia Reasons
• Active and Passive Euthanasia
• Legal Status of Euthanasia
• Religion about Euthanasia
• Medical Viewpoint on Euthanasia
• Euthanasia – a Mercy Killing? Continue reading