Four Surprising Meanings of the Word ‘Bachelor’


If you start analyzing the semantics of the English language, you might notice that there is one big flaw – English has many homonyms. The term unites words that have same spelling and pronunciation but completely different meaning. For English speakers and language learners especially it’s often an inconvenience because they need to guess which exact meaning the author implies.
Luckily, it’s always easy to recognize the meaning when the word is used in context. Nevertheless, people who deal with creative writing need to be familiar with homonymous words and their meanings in order to use them efficiently. The word ‘bachelor’ is a worthy example. We’re all familiar with its meaning in the academic context, however, it has a lot more possibilities of usage. The following selection will introduce you to different interpretations of the word ‘bachelor’ and explain the possible shades of meaning.

      unmarried man (noun)

    One of the common meanings of the word ‘bachelor’ is an unmarried man. Note that it doesn’t necessarily mean a single man, even someone who is in a dedicated long-term relationship can still be called a bachelor. As long as a man hasn’t tied the knot, he’s still classified as a bachelor. This interpretation is common; however, sometimes the word might carry some extra weight. These cases are described in the three following examples. Continue reading

4 Ways to Train both Reading and Writing at the Same Time

Reading and Writing

Writing and reading are the skills that are closely connected to each other. You need both of these skills in your academic career and in your daily life, and you have to constantly work on both of them. So isn’t it a good idea to learn how to develop both of these skills at the same time? Read on to learn how you can do it and be sure to apply the tips that are given to you.


In case you consider reading helpful only for your reading skills, you are mistaken. Reading improves your writing skills. And when you read different kinds of text, you learn more about different styles. It also helps you learn proper grammar and spelling, as well as gives you a better idea of good text organization. Besides, reading different kinds of books enlarges your knowledge base and makes a great hobby. So find the next book you want to read and just start reading it! Continue reading

How to Write a Classification Essay Well?

Write a Classification Essay

Have you ever come across a classification essay assignment? If yes, did you know how to complete this task or are you still in need of some assistance in coping with a classification essay? Anyway, here you will find some useful tips on how to write this kind of essay, what a classification essay actually is and where you can turn for help in case you find it difficult to create a classification essay on your own.

Let’s start with a definition of a classification essay, which says that a classification essay is an essay in which a writer sorts and organizes a number of things into categories.

To write a classification essay well, one has to stick to three basic steps of writing this kind of essay, which is a logical classification of certain items, the usage of single principle of organization and giving examples that match each suggested category. Classification essay type can be applied to any topic from Business Management to Medicine, from types of women’s shoes to sport cars classification etc. Because of the diversity of topics and criteria, a student can choose for his or her categories, writing a classification essay requires a lot of time on the identification of the necessary items, the collection of enough information and analysis of the most important and additional characteristics of each item. A student has to use his or her critical thinking skills, contrast, and comparison skills as well as an ability to present the gathered material in a logical and succinct manner. Continue reading

Basic Essay Types All Students Must Know

Basic Essay Types

Most students know how challenging it can be to complete an academic writing assignment if you are not familiar with essay types and if you are, to be honest, not a fan of writing. However, you shouldn’t receive low grades just because you haven’t learned basic essay types. This article is a perfect opportunity for you to discover the must-knows of essays and to leave all writing challenges behind.

Expository Essay

Whenever students come across the name of this essay type for the first times, they agree that they obviously need some essay writing help. However, it is not as horrible as you might think. In fact, this is probably the easiest essay type. The most complicated part of preparing expository essay is doing a research and gathering evidence to support your idea. Usually, the professors will ask you to write a comparison and contrast or cause and effect type. Below is the basic structure you must follow: Continue reading

How to Take Control over Your Life

Take Control over Your Life

Many people can reach the point in their lives when everything seems to be wrong. They’ll get envious of the success of others, won’t get satisfaction from the work they are doing and will try to find faults with people who surround them. Comparing your life to others is already the first thing that might undermine your outlook. The second disastrous thing is complaining while not even making an effort to change something. If you’re dissatisfied with the things that surround you, start acting fast and take your life in your own hands.

Be Responsible for Your Past Actions

The point you’ve currently reached in your life is a direct result of all actions you took earlier. Unless you’ve become a victim of an unfortunate situation, most negative things that surround you could have been avoided provided you acted differently. Therefore, the first step towards improving your life is desisting from making detrimental decisions. Obviously, there will always be inconveniences and missteps that won’t be your fault, but if you’re aware of your actions, you’ll notice that such things are very ephemeral. So, stop blaming the gods and take responsibility for your own decisions. Continue reading

How Weather Affects Our Educational Process and Productivity

Educational Process and Productivity

Due to different reasons, a lot of people are considered to feel depressed, be inactive, and even under the weather. In most cases, a major underlying cause is not our laziness but the weather conditions. It sharply affects your overall state, productivity, and your educational process respectively. Although autumn has already sprung and the cold, gloomy months of winter are around the corner, it’s not the reason to give in to despair. Let’s talk this through together.

Does Weather Affect Your Well-Being?

Most of us intuitively think the weather conditions have quite a strong effect on our mood. Are we hard-wired? In case you didn’t know, scientists haven’t determined so far the fact of the direct relationship between the weather and mood swings of the human beings. The most common conclusion of their works was that there is little or no genuine connection. However, in 2008, German researchers have proved the opposite. Out of 400 study participants, the weather was likely not to impact on the moods of half of them, but the other 50% were indeed afflicted. Through this study of the effect of the weather conditions such as temperature, the wind, sunlight, etc., four distinct types of people were distinguished: Continue reading

How to Make Your Night Studying Effective

Studying Night

Every student had to or will have to study at night at some instance. There may be different reasons for that: one might need to finish a difficult project or get ready for an important exam. No matter what leads to it, night studying is always strenuous. So, how can you successfully handle such a challenge? Try doing the following:

Keep Your Body Awake

A cool shower can help you stay alert. What is more, to refresh yourself, you can watch a short episode from a horror movie or hilarious comedy. You can also try doing squats or some other physical exercises. You can do these easy things during your 5-7 minutes breaks from studying. Continue reading